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This is where it all began: a tape recorder and my grandmother as I practiced for a talent show at the church. I was 8 years old and had just finished a year of piano lessons with my Aunt Barbara. If you listen real carefully you’ll hear me yelling at mom to get my brother out of the room (sorry Stevie!).

Me with my longtime partner and amazing jazz pianist, Timo Elliston. Our paths crossed for the first time when we were asked to perform “Small Hotel” together for a fund-raiser in grad school. This photo was taken on July 4th, 1993 and was featured on the front of the Washington Post Metro Section! Currently we live in Brooklyn where Timo now makes a living composing for film and television ( While we come from seemingly opposing musical worlds (classical vs. jazz), I love it when we are able to work together on a project, such as these 2 songs we recorded recently.

Not While I'm Around

A Quiet Place
In addition to maintaining my own studio of private voice and piano students, I am currently on faculty at Westminster Conservatory and Brooklyn Queens Conservatory. For additional torture… I mean fun, I teach a training chorus of 5-6 yr. olds at the Children’s Aid Society. Have a look at these young’ns – aren’t they cute?